Some Published Guidelines

These from a page in the Spring Branch School District’s employee handbook

Teachers who blog are encouraged to publish information including, but not limited to:
• Weekly reports on what will be taught during the upcoming week, how it will be taught and why.
• Background information on topics currently being taught in the classroom, creating a context for students and for parents.
• Homework assignments.
• Descriptions of projects, including procedures, expectations, suggested parent involvement, assessment rubrics and links to last year’s projects.
• Achievements of students in the class, students in other classes, and other teachers, school support and administrative staff.
• Pictures may be inserted into your blog. Make certain that the image is appropriate for use in a school document and copyright laws are followed. Photos of students MUST be accompanied by a signed release form provided by the district. This signed form should be kept on file with the teacher. Under no circumstances should identifying names or other personal information of any kind accompany the photos.

District Teacher/Employee bloggers will not use their blogs to:
• Conduct or promote outside business activities.
• Promote or advertise for commercial products unrelated or related to instruction.
• Defame or cause defamation of the character of any individual, organization or institution.
• Divulge any personal information about students, or jeopardize their safety in any other way.
• Link to their own personal blogs from their school blog, or vice versa.



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  1. Some of this I get. No identifying information. But a photo release? Good grief! Do they think all the photos on Flickr have photo releases? It’s funny. I tend to come up with policies I like this and then I have to smack myself in the head and say NO!!! Web 2.0 is about openness and transparency…not rules and guidelines.Thank you for sharing this!

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