Why NOT Share?

Image: “Sharsies” by Kris Krug

This is perhaps the biggest change in my outlook brought on by my increasingly networked learning environment.

When I first started blogging (2003), I went through periodic bouts of wondering whether there was any point to it. Why share what I was thinking and working on? Why would anyone care? In the early years, I shelved this episodic quandary by remembering that my parents pretty much always care. So I kept going.

Now, after many moments of helping and being helped by folks who I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of as the “go to” person, I find that my orientation has shifted to a “why not” mentality.

As I started collecting the Twitter addresses of other participants in the massive online course I’ve signed up for, I collected them in a public place. Because, why not?

This begins to speak to my underlying assumptions about learning. Contrary to expectations, I may not know who my next teacher will be. And I may not know who will consider me a teacher. So. Best to keep thinking out loud.


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