"Prep," but to what end?

I like this piece (about 3 minutes) on the skill sets our students are likely to need right now in order to navigate our changing cultural landscape.

Thinking about this, coupled with quotes like David Warlick’s below (from 2006!), has pushed me to join the growing group of schoolfolks who are wondering… to what extent are secondary schools and colleges truly preparing students for the world that awaits them. And/or, to what extent are we preparing students for the role of lifelong learner?

What am I doing about this? In the words of Alice Peacock, I’ll start with me. I’m trying to educate myself. I’ve got an RSS reader feeding me a steady stream of thoughts from some of the folks who are out in front on this. I’m learning to blog. I’m working on learning to podcast and make the occasional video. And I’m thinking about how to present at NACAC next fall in such a way as to connect with more people in my current field who are looking to expand their learning networks.

(Hat tip to Scott McLeod
of Dangerously Irrelevant.)


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