Christmas Comes Early

Image: Sarah Parrot via Flickr

One of the online tools I was sad to see disappear this year was mycampusvisits (no link because it’s defunct), a site that was trying to aggregate information about campus open houses for prospective students.

I loved the idea of sending my juniors to a website with the instructions to “find a school to visit!” (Visits are still so critical to this process.)

Today, counselor Mark McGrath at Lawrence HS here in NJ sent me a link to the NJSCA’s Counselor Desktop.

I’m hereby nicknaming him “Santa” McGrath… what a treasure-trove of linkety goodness!

I was especially pleased to see that someone has been taking the time (was it you, Mark?) to aggregate information about NJ College and University Open Houses! And DE, MD, and NY! And Pennsylvania!

Okay, it seems a little silly to get this excited about tables, let alone tables whose data is now largely out of date. But I’m quite pleased, thinking about the possibilities of these tables in the future. Let’s hope they get updated. And stay tuned…

Update: Mark confesses. Yes, he’s the one who pulled together all that info. And he’ll be doing it again over break. Yay, Mark!


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