Lifting the Fog

(Image: “Mystic Island” via Flickr)

I’m thinking a lot about all the various search tools that exist out there for students and families as I get ready for a presentation later this month.

Preparing to explain my thinking to others has led me to realize how little I understand my thinking!

So slowly, over the last few weeks, I’ve come up with a draft of a scoring rubric, which in my world would allow an ideal college search tool to score a 25. Here’s how I’m breaking it down:

DATA (8 pts.)

(2) Is the list of schools included comprehensive?

(2) Are the must-have variables there? (majors, size, distance from zip, selectivity)

(2) How’s the number of useful variables?

(2) Any advances in quality or uniqueness of variables?


(2) Sortability and/or adjust as you go factors?

(2) Intuitive navigation & decent help?

(2) Looks good?

(2) Save/export info option?


(2) user-driven (as opposed to “we know best”)

(2) data source? if info collected, how used?

BONUS (5 pts.)

“Best in Class” in any of the categories = 1 pt.

Site designers seem to understand that counselors and/or parents exist = 1-2pts.

Plus any other stuff that just seems worth mentioning/ rewarding

(Highest possible score = 25)

My bet is that I’ll have some changes to this after the conversation at NACAC. And then, if I can find the time, maybe I can actually run some of the tools from the College Lists wiki through to see what kind of scores they earn!


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