Links From Our Session

People always want to know, “How did it go?” and I often feel as if I am unqualified to address that question. Here are the facts, anyway: we filled the room, we filled our timeslot, and we managed to have a little time left over for Q&A (always a big goal of mine).

Here are the links we referenced in our panel this afternoon (and the whole slidedeck is available here):

College Board search:
College Lists wiki:
Shaun McElroy’s blog:
College Navigator:
College Search Tools:
Education Conservancy:
University Accountability Network:
Voluntary System of Accountability:
NACAC’s Knowledge Center:

As for how it went… I can always think of things that I’d do differently next time, but I think it went well. Were you there? What did you think? What was the most helpful “takeaway,” and what marks do you think we missed? I’d love to hear your feedback…


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  1. Congratulations! I'm glad it went well. Thanks for the helpful links!

  2. For college search websites, I would add:www.unigo.comwww.howtogetin.comAny others out there?

  3. It was a great session! Thanks to you and the panel for an informative discussion. I enjoyed being there and enjoyed learning about a few new tools to use. I like the idea of using lots of different databases to see where the overlaps are. I also like Scott's comment that he uses whichever databases further his own agenda of the moment!

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