I’ll be sharing post-EduCon2.2 thoughts as soon as I can get them together, I hope! (Lots to process.) Meanwhile, a friend of mine in a college admissions office recently asked me for advice about the “For Counselors” section of his school’s admissions office web site. In truth, I don’t spend much time on these sites, but it seems that I have managed to pull together some opinions about what should be there anyway. So here’s my wishlist:

1) at or near real-time access to information about the status of individual applications, from receipt of materials to release of decision
2) one-stop downloadable shopping for any and all relevant forms (application forms, major codes, arts supplement cover sheet, athletic inquiry form, scholarship supplemental essay form, etc.)
3) reports from selection committee… a brief overview of the decision-making process at your school, including the top 10 things you with every counselor would know (two-page letters are killing us, a picture of the kid helps us make the connection, whatever), a one-page summary of the most recent incoming class, info about your transfer process if you have one
4) a complete and up-to-date listing of your office staff and their responsibilities, both regional and otherwise (reads apps from MT, CO, CA, and IA; also serves as the liaison to the Physics department). Bonus points if you include head shots, bios, emails, and phone numbers.
5) information about any special opportunities available to counselors (our formal counselor overnight program is slated for such-and-such a date, counselors traveling over the summer may request information about staying in the dorms overnight here, apply for a chance to be a “fly on the wall” in committee here, etc.)
6) information about any special opportunities available to students (our special engineering overnight program for underrepresented minority students is happening on such-and-such a date…)
7) The big picture… tell us that your trustees have charged a committee with strengthening first-to-second year retention and that another committee is finalizing a proposal for that long-awaited nanoscience major. Let us know what special summer opportunities are available to students on your campus.
8) an up-to-date list of the subscribable content streams your institution is currently generating (RSS feeds, Tweetstreams, Google calendars, Flickr accounts, you name it).
9) Bonus points: a special page just for homeschooling students/families.
10) What am I missing?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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