Wiki Progress Update

I’m pleased to report several satisfying developments in the land of the College Lists wiki. In every case, the good news results from someone else’s hard work, which to me is one of the critical elements of a successful wiki… in an ideal world, wikis are a classic example of “many hands make light work.”

So, here’s the good news:

  • Scott Doughty, of the excellent Pennington School, has effectively “adopted” the wiki page that tracks which colleges and universities “super score” the ACT (meaning they take the highest result on each individual section and combine them). You can see his work here.
  • Sherman Wilcox at the University of New Mexico has been independently maintaining a list of colleges that accept ASL as fulfilling their language requirement. So the wiki page on that topic now links to his page.
  • And, while this isn’t news, it bears repeating… Barry Beach continues to do terrific work keeping our Art, but not an art school and Colleges of Art pages. And Lee Waldrep (aka Dr. Architecture) continues to do great work on several architecture-related pages on the site, here and here.)

So that’s the news from the wiki; more next week after my PACAC presentation with the amazing Cigus Vanni, I’m sure!


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