Top 10 Reasons I’ll Be at NTCAMP

10) I used to live at 4732 Cedar Ave. Boys Latin is at 5501 Cedar Ave. ‘Nuff said.
9) We will be starting off the ntcamp day with a panel discussion that features the creators and brainpower behind #edchat. (My heroes.)
8) I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a great session on active listening.
7) In my experience, unconferences are characterized by enthusiastic, welcoming energy. I love that.
6) Summer is a great time for those of us who work in schools to try out & take in some new ideas.
5) Sounds like there’s going to be an amazing session on assessment.
4) It’s fun to be in on the ground level. (This is the first iteration of ntcamp.)
3) Apparently there’s going to be a fabulous (I hope!) PLN-boosting session called “Talent Swap.”
2) I’m already looking forward to telling people that on the hottest day of the year, I drove SOUTH.
1) I’ve planned a long-overdue dinner with ProfessorKim afterwards!

(I can’t believe the fact that it’s all FREE didn’t make the top 10!
Still, that’s pretty great.
I’m so looking forward to seeing and meeting folks there
and/or connecting with them about it going forward.)


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