Writing in Beta

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can one of my lovely followers read my college application essay! please! I have to write another one…but… http://tumblr.com/xycs2vccmless than a minute ago via Tumblr

This is how some of us write, now.

1) Pull together a beta draft.
2) Post it publicly.
3) Call for reviews & feedback from folks in your community. (Will they be able to approximate the perspective of your ultimate end-reader?)
4) Re-write as needed.
5) Repeat until satisfied or deadline is reached. Hit submit.

I’m thinking about how this is different from how this used to go…
1) Ashten has followers.
2) She can communicate with her followers on an anytime/anywhere basis, as long as she’s connected to the internet and they’re willing to grant her their attention.
3) From the beginning, Ashten’s thinking about her essays is deeply intertwined with her thinking about her eventual readers.
4) Her process is transparent, and an interested reader could presumably see the evolution of her thinking/writing.

What do you think?

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