My Next Job

A friend with a knack for asking great questions
asked me recently what my next job would be.
My first thought may have been, “Do you know something I don’t know?” This was quickly followed by thinking, “I’m still learning new things doing this one!”
Then, trying to go “blue sky,” I talked about my desire to help make the hidden shared interests of community members visible. About my interest in creating opportunities for extended conversation. And wanting to be engaged in teaching our students about networked learning and empowered use of the intertubes.
But as I am something of a “slow-burn” thinker, it has taken me several weeks to come up with this fully-fledged description of my imagined next job. Or one of them, at least. 🙂
So here goes:
Shelley Krause is the lead curator of her school’s Learning Portfolios project. Used for assessment, reflection, and sharing of student & professional learning, Learning Portfolios were first used by the school’s art department and students applying to undertake independent study projects, and have since have become an integral part of the way in which the entire school comes together and moves forward as a learning community. Shelley’s responsibilities with the project include the following:
  • assist with the design and implementation of the “New To Us” learner intake process for new members of the school’s learning community
  • help coordinate the design and implementation of the school’s Learning Portfolio system
  • ensure the portability and continued availability of access to projects selected for Learning Portfolio inclusion
  • collaborate and guide team and departmental leaders in order to support portfolio-friendly curricular design
  • help design and support the processes through which teachers and students select work for inclusion in their professional and learner portfolios, respectively
  • keep up-to-date on current trends in ePortfolio design and use; serve as a resource to learners through scheduled portfolio consultations
  • teach an elective class in digital presence and networked learning or English
  • run periodic Portfolio 101 workshops for school parents
  • curate the school’s current and archival sets of public Learning Portfolios
  • confer with the school’s IT group about the evolving software, access, and storage needs of the Learning Portfolio program
(Sounds pretty great, right?
And you might want to check out
some of the portfolio sites I found
while researching this:
I’ll let you know
if/when it becomes a personal reality!)

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